Common Leadership Mistakes Made at All Leadership Levels

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People are placed in leadership positions typically because they have displayed outstanding leadership skills. There are some that feel once they are placed in a position of leadership that they have to make major changes.

What do you look for in a leader? There are multitudes of answers to this question but there are a few that are consistently mentioned in seminars. Personal skills, compassion, decision maker, courage, integrity, teacher and a person they trust. This is the most common expectation but they only touch the subject of being a successful leader.

You aren't expected to change your style or personality when you are placed in a leadership position but to continuously improve on the skills that made you successful. One of the quickest ways to lose your team's respect would be to make a sudden change thinking you need to be a different person. This is a common mistake made by leadership on every level.

The reason you have been selected is that you have shown people respond to your leadership style. To change will only confuse your team: they will think you now think you are a better person than they are.

Another common mistake is dividing yourself from your team, great leaders never quit teaching. You can't teach if you aren't visible and engaged in the development of your team. Someone mentored you and you are expected to do the same, touch as many people lives as possible while developing future leaders.

The next common mistake is believing that you are more important than you actually are and bragging about your position. You were promoted to lead your team not your personal crusade of your greatness. A person in a leadership position that is constantly patting their selves on the back will find themselves demoted in short order. Senior leadership has great expectations from every leader and doesn't have the time for egos vice leadership.

I don't have to follow the rules the way I did before because I am now in charge. That is a true killer statement as you are now expected to follow every rule and regulation to the letter. No one ever wants to hear a team mate make the statement, "I saw my boss do it so I thought it was ok." You will be observed every minute of the day and rest assured if you make a poor decision it will be common knowledge by everyone.

My team is my servant and there job is to do whatever I tell them to do. They are not your servants but a team of people desiring firm, fair and disciplined leadership. You have been entrusted to provide sound leadership for their morale, welfare, training and development. A well disciplined, proud and successful team is an obvious indicator of outstanding leadership.

These are but a few examples of common mistakes made by leaders. Use your leadership skills, common sense and dedication to build the best team possible and you will continue to be a successful leader.

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Common Leadership Mistakes Made at All Leadership Levels

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This article was published on 2010/03/29