Bosses Need to Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

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British employees are suffering because their bosses lack essential management skills, argues the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

A report by the ILM revealed that 94 per cent of human resource (HR) workers thought that their senior managers are in need of further development because they are devoid of vital leadership qualities.

The report discovered that 36 per cent of HR professionals thought that the most important leadership characteristic was emotional intelligence, while 34 per cent said it was the ability to motivate employees.

Penny de Valk, chief executive of the ILM, said that investment in management training is crucial because businesses are being held back due to a lack of leadership skills.

He said: "It is a real concern that such a high proportion of HR professionals believe their senior teams are falling short. This leadership skills gap is holding UK businesses back.

"We need to get better at developing these essential people leadership capabilities, such as the ability to motivate, alongside the 'harder' technical, professional and commercial skills."

Organisations that recognise the need to enhance their management capabilities may benefit from employing performance improvement consulting firms who will be able to deliver strategic and tactical transformation.

Meanwhile, a report by XpertHR states that the number of people resigning from their job has decreased by 50 per cent over the past three years.

Employee resignation is still the most common reason for someone to leave their job in 2010 with an average of 36 workers choosing the departure method per company compared to 72 in 2007.

There are also less workers opting for retirement in 2010 as an average of only five employees per company took retirement this year compared with ten, three years ago.

XpertHR editor Charlotte Wolff said that there was an intriguing rise in the number of employees leaving due to redundancies or reaching the end of their fixed-term contracts since 2007.

She said: "[Fixed-term contract termination] is arguably an easier way for employers to cut back on staff numbers and employment costs during difficult times."

Organisations that want to lower their staff turnover may want to invest in performance improvement consulting services as business experts will be able to increase employee morale.

Race to the Future, a report by Race for Opportunity, has urged businesses to act now and adapt for changes to the UK's population as the University of Leeds predicts that more than one in five Brits will be from an ethnic minority by 2051.

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Bosses Need to Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

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This article was published on 2010/10/13